Poliflex proposal regarding stretch film is POLISTRETCH

It's an unconventional stretch film. In fact, since the early 80's, Poliflex has been producing blown stretch film with greater and better mechanical properties, compared with film produced with cast technology. Blown extruded stretch films have greater resistance to perforation, rupture, high pre-stretch and they have many more possibilities of customization than traditional casted films. All POLISTRETCH films are PIB-FREE.

The solution for the packaging of waste is POLISTRETCH-RDF

It is an extensible film for the packaging of waste in ECObales. The film has the same characteristics as the industrial stretch film, but the addition of an additive ensures the perfect preservation of the packaged product from 12 up to 24 months. The rolls are available in heights of 50 and 75 cm, with a length of 1800 meters and a thickness of 27 microns, in White or Green color. The ecological bale, also known as eco-bale or RDF, is a cube made up of non-recyclable remains of solid urban waste (our waste). RDF (Refuse Derived-Fuels) is a dry shredded solid fuel obtained from the treatment of municipal solid waste. Once the recyclable materials (glass, metals, paper) and the non-combustible part have been removed, the remaining portion of the waste is separated according to the humidity’s grade. At the end of the selection process, the dry residue of the waste is shredded and transformed into fuel and used in incineration plants equipped with systems for the recovery of energy produced by combustion.

Production and direct sale

Available from 23 to 70 my

Outstanding resistance


Available solution

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Anti corrosive film, particularly suitable for metal components. It is available transparent or coloured and printed and it is a made-to-measure product on request.


Fire retardant stretch film, with fire retardant additive, suitable for the building industry, clothing, safety, naval transport


Antistatic stretch film particularly suitable for electronic devices.
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Printed stretch film. The pallet is customized, safe and unique.
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Blown stretch film. It is available in a wide customized rage, starting from 100 mm width. Therefore it can be used in many fields (production of mattresses, grassy lawns, suitable for bailing machines etc.)


It is an agricultural stretch film for big hay bales. The film has the same properties like the industrial stretch film, but the perfect storage of the product is guaranteed by the additive 12 to 24 months.




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