Anti-Corrosion Packaging (VCI)

Production and sale of anti-corrosion products for the packaging of metals, profiles and pipes.

Our range of anti-corrosive packaging products are carefully manufactured using a VCI additive in the cast co-extruded polyethylene film. This specially formulated additive sublimates from the plastic material, ensuring protection of the metal components during packaging.

Our products possess exceptional tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance. They offer an easy, practical and economical solution adopted by major car manufacturers, steel mills and metallurgical companies across Europe to avoid damage caused by corrosion.

Furthermore, our transparent packaging allows the correct position of the goods, making them easily recognizable and facilitating customs procedures without the need to open and damage the packaging and its contents.

Our wide range of anti-corrosive products includes tubular film, pleat, sheet and bag. Choose our products for maximum protection during storage and transportation of metal products.

Production and sale of VCI films and bags for the packaging of metal and ferrous products

Polyethylene envelopes and bags, Anti-corrosion packaging


Polythene bags with anti-corrosion VCI additive.

Polythene film, Anti-corrosion packaging


Polythene film with VCI anti-corrosion additive.

Stretch film, Anti-corrosion packaging


Anti-corrosion stretch film (with VCI additive).

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