Production and sale of polyethylene films for packaging

Our company, in the province of Brescia, has specialized for decades in the production and sale of polythene products for packing and packaging.

Poliflex was born in Brescia in 1953 as a company producing customized plastic bags and bags. In the 1967 the company moves to the headquarters of Windmill of Mazzano expanding and introducing the former blown extrusion lines for the processing of low and high density polyethylene films.

Poliflex is capable of providing polyethylene film intended for the most diverse applications, guaranteeing the best solution for every specific customer need.

To date, the company is structured to manage the entire production cycle with technologically advanced systems; starting from extrusion, moving on to printing and welding, guaranteeing the optimal solution even for the most complex requests.

Today Poliflex is based in Montichiari (Brescia), where it studies, develops and produces plastic films for multiple application sectors. Thanks to the investments undertaken over the years it is able to provide its customers with co-extruded and single-layer, neutral or printed films up to 8+8 colors.

Each Poliflex product offers the maximum in terms of quality and safety

From the 3-layer co-extruded sheet for industrial bags to the stretch film for agricultural and industrial use, to the reels for industrial packaging machines, from the polyethylene bag with zip or zip handle to the advertising shopper. In the complete production cycle, particular attention is paid to printing, which thanks to continuous technological updating (printing up to 8+8 colours) and the professionalism of the staff guarantees very high quality standards.

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