It is a LDPE coextruded film for packing different products.
A heat source (oven, flame, warm air etc.) shrinks the film to form a tight and secure wrap around the goods. It shrinks up to 50 % of the original size. It sticks to the wrapped goods and once cooled, it maintains the new shape.

It is available in flat film, half tube, antistatic, with additives, printed and micro perforated.

Shrink film for dedicated machines or sealing bar machines
Thickness from 10 to 250 micron. Width from 50mm to 2000mm

Shrink film specific for industrial laundries.
Suggested thickness: from 25-20-17-15-12 micron | Possible thickness: from 12 to 250 micron | Width: from 50mm to 2000mm

Half tube film specific for the side packaging, and it is part of Poliflex EASY-OPEN products, which allow to the half tube film a constant easy opening from the beginning to the end of the roll


It is a protective film suitable for different applications and uses.
We supply POLITOP with antistatic treatment, when it is applied by the machine.
It is available in flat foils, with additive - coloured - micro perforated - recycled - marked

Thickness from 60 to 200 micron | Width from 50 to 2000 mm


It is a not conventional stretch film. Poliflex has been producing blown film since 1980 with higher performances and better technical properties, compared with stretch film produced by cast machines.

Anti corrosive film, particularly suitable for metal components. It is available transparent or coloured and printed and it is a made-to-measure product on request.

Fire retardant stretch film, with fire retardant additive, suitable for the building industry, clothing, safety, naval transport

Antistatic stretch film particularly suitable for electronic devices.

Printed stretch film. The pallet is customized, safe and unique.

Blown stretch film. It is available in a wide customized rage, starting from 100 mm width. Therefore it can be used in many fields (production of mattresses, grassy lawns, suitable for bailing machines etc.)

Thickness from 10 to 80 micron | Width from 50 to 1500 mm

Is an ecological film made of 80% recycled raw material, coming from industrial waste. Perfectly in line with the principles of the circular economy: plastic waste is recycled, second life plastic into a new product. This stretch film is the only one on the market to incorporate recycled plastic. Perfect pallet stability: performance and resistance equal to that of first choice films.


It is an agricultural stretch film for big hay bales. The film has the same properties like the industrial stretch film, but the perfect storage of the product is guaranteed by the additive 12 to 24 months.

White stretch film, UV 12 months | Width 500 and 750 mm | Thickness 23 micron | 1800 metres length

Green stretch film, UV 12 months | Width 500 and 750 mm | Thickness 27 micron | 1800 metres length

Salmon stretch film UV 12 months | Width 500 and 750 mm | Thickness 23 micron | 2000 metres length

Purple stretch film UV 24 months | Width 500 and 750 mm | Thickness 27 micron | 1800 metres length


It is a stretch film for packing refuses in ECObales. The film has the same properties like the industrial stretch film, but the perfect storage of the product is guaranteed by the additive 12 to 24 months. The rolls are available with width 500 and 750 mm, length 1800 m. and thickness 27 micron, in white or green colour. The ecological bale, called also ecobale or CDR is a cube composed of non recyclable solid urban waste (our waste). CDR is a solid dry chopped burning product, obtained by the treatment of the solid urban waste. Once eliminated the recyclable materials (glass, metals, paper) and the not burning part, the remaining waste is separated, considering the different moisture level. After the selection, the dry waste residue is chopped and transformed in burning product, and it is used in the proper waste furnaces, to recover the energy produced by the combustion.


It is a film used on horizontal wrapping machines to pack metal profiles, tubes etc.

Specific film for horizontal wrapping machines, developed by Poliflex with the partnership of leading customers. The structure of this film allows the user to increase the production by reducing the machine stops drastically.

Available in 100 - 120 - 200 mm width, with core diameter 52 mm, and customized.

Available in 100 - 120 - 200 mm width, with core diameter 70 mm, and customized

Available in 100 - 120 - 200 mm width, with core diameter 77 mm, and customized.

Blown stretch film or cast stretch film for both manual and automatic packing of metal profiles, available in 50-100-120-250-500 mm width, with thickness from 17my. Core diameter 38-50-77 mm, and customized.

Multi-layer film with reduced thickness, to separate the extruded profiles during stacking and packing.
POLIALL-TOP can be used on automatic machines or manually. Available in flat foils, micro perforated, marked, coloured and with additives.

Thickness: from 10 to 100 micron | Width from 50 to 2000 mm


It is a tubular film for laundries, in 25 kg. rolls. Poliwash is suitable to protect the cloths after the ironing or the confectioning. It is available in:

  • Tubular film
  • Half tube
  • Side fold
  • Easy open
  • Coloured
  • With UV additive


It is a protective sticking film in polyethylene. Poliglass is a multi-layer sticking on one side, specific to protect the surface of the extruded polystyrene sheets, against scratches and dust.
Available in flat foils, with additive and with customized print.

Thickness from 40 to 100 micron | Width from 300 to 1500 mm


It is a film for magazines, books and postal delivery.
Available in a different slippery range, easy sealing, and suitable to the shrinking.
It is produced with economical thickness from min. 18 micron, and the up to 8 colours printing is possible.


It is a printed and customized film with the own logo. The printing machine has a modern central drum, it is completely automatic, and the printing is possible up to 8+8 colours, also for small quantity.
We can print film in LDPE, HDPE or PPL coupled film in rolls, bags, envelope bags, hoods, foils, tubular or half tube. It is possible to customise it with the Company logo, marks or brands.


It is a film for the automatic industrial wrapping machines with the so called “tie sealing “, and for the machines with sealing bars. The main characteristics of PoliFFS are the high sealing of the welding, the excellent slipperiness during the filling, and the not slippery during the palletizing.

Thickness from 100 to 250 micron | Width from 500 to 2000 mm


Envelope bags - bags - foils with or without zip or biadesive strip

Bags suitable to the food contact

Specific bags for pellet packing

Bags for clothing with or without the bihadesive strip

Envelope bags and bags with zip or zip handle

Industrial bag (no food)

Bags and foils in block-notes format

Bags with no slippery additive

Bags for not organic waste, produced with 100 % recycled material.