Customized heat shrink film

Our company, in the province of Brescia, has specialized for decades in the production and direct sale of customized heat-shrink film. It can be offered in flat leaf, single fold, tubular, gusseted or as a bag (hood).

POLITERM it is a film composed of LDPE; which, once subjected to a heat source, will begin to shrink (thermal shrinkage) in order to adhere to the product it will contain inside, ensuring protection from liquids, dust and other external agents (depending on the additives).

The different formulations and mechanical characteristics allow Poliflex to create specific products for every need and sector; examples are the technical films for industrial laundries Politerm-çAV (Thickness 20/15/12), or Politerm-GREEN, a film composed, in percentage, of recycled material; a product that lends a helping hand to the environment, but keeps its mechanical performance almost unchanged.

POLITERM can be offered in flat, single-fold, tubular, gusseted sheets or as a bag (hood). POLITERM can also be additive with antistatic, anti-UV, coloured, marked or printed, supplied with customized slip properties, micro-perforated entirely or in bands, and can have different thicknesses and sizes.

All our films can be customized with company logos.

Customizing shrink films is a great way to raise awareness of your brand, attract attention and reach new customers.

VCI additives




Also available "Green"!

All items can be produced with regenerated material with a GREEN perspective according to the principles of the circular economy or with virgin material, depending on needs.


Production and sale of heat-shrink film

Heat shrinkable film, Laundry sector packaging


Single-fold in antistatic micro-perforated polythene for industrial laundries.

Heat shrinkable film, Laundry sector packaging


Heat shrinkable polyethylene sheet for industrial laundries.

Heat shrinkable film


Heat shrink film for launch or sealing bar machines.

Sectors in which heat-shrink film can be used

Production and sale of reels, sheets and tubular films for packaging. Can be used on both launch machines and sealing bar machines. Our production and sale of heat-shrink film can be used in multiple contexts and sectors, such as:


Hosiery factories

Knitwear factories






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