shrink film production and direct sale

POLITERM is the name of our customised and personalised shrink film.

POLITERM is composed of LDPE. It is a LDPE coextruded film for packing different products. A heat source (oven, flame, warm air etc.) shrinks the film to form a tight and secure wrap around the goods. It sticks to the wrapped goods and once cooled, it maintains the new shape, assuring the protection against liquids, dust and other external factors (depending on the different additives added).

The differen film types and mechanical properties allow Poliflex to develop specific products for any particular need, like for example the technical films for industrial laundries POLILAV (THICKNESS 20 / 15 / 12 my) or POLITERM GREEN composed partially of recycled material, to reduce the environmental impact, but its properties are guaranteed.

POLITERM can be produced as flat foil, centre folded film, tubular film, side folded film and bags (hoods).. POLITERMcan be supplied with additives like antistatic, UV resistance, coloured, marked or printed, slippery, micro perforated in stripes or totally, and it can be produced in different thicknesses and sizes.

Production and direct sale

Available from 12 to 200 my

High resistance


Different solutions

Flat foil

Centre folded film

Tubular film

Printed film


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