Stretch film

Our company, in the province of Brescia, has specialized for decades in the production and direct sale of blown stretch film. Available neutral or customized, but always PIB-Free.

Polistretch it is the new frontier of unconventional stretch film. In fact, Poliflex has been producing high-end blown stretch films since the early 80s.

Films with greater and better mechanical characteristics compared to films produced with "cast" technology. Known for their remarkable resistance to breakage and puncture, they have excellent pre-stretching capabilities and offer countless customization options compared to traditional “cast” films. Also, movies Polistretch they are 100% free of PIB, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety for the environment. This line of products offer an innovative solution for businesses that require maximum protection, security and customization options from their stretch film.

Select Polistretch and revolutionize your packaging and bagging.

Production and direct sale of stretch film

Stretch film


Blown stretch film available in manual or automatic version.

Stretch film, CSS stretch film


Stretch film for waste packaging.

Stretch film, Anti-corrosion packaging


Anti-corrosion stretch film (with VCI additive).

Stretch film


Stretch film added with flame retardants / flame retardants.

Stretch film, Agricultural stretch film


Stretch film for agricultural use for hay bales.

Stretch film


Customized stretch film with color printing.

Stretch film


Blue-green antistatic stretch film

Stretch film


Stretch film made from 50% recycled material. Manual or machinable.

Sectors in which Polistretch stretch film can be used

Production and proper sale of stretch film. Our production of stretch film can be used in multiple contexts and sectors, such as:


Hosiery factories

Knitwear factories






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